How to Wear Skull Clothing and Still Look Feminine and Chic

How to Wear Skull Clothing and Still Look Feminine and Chic

If you’ve been skipping over skull clothing thinking it’s only for Halloween and pirates, you have definitely been missing out. All kinds of skull jewelry, skull leggings, skull hoodies, skull hats and so much more are at the top of the trend list. Even the hottest of celebrities are rocking them! They’re no longer spooky, and are now considered to be an absolute must have within any wardrobe. For the ladies that want to keep their chic and feminine appeal on point while indulging in the edginess of skull fashion, this look can be intimidating at first. However, with these fashion tips and the skull clothing women collection at Rebel Street Clothing, you’ll have no problem styling some edge into your ladylike wardrobe.

Dip Into Colorful Skull Accessories

Diving head first into a sea of pirate appeal can seem like too much for your sense of style. But of course, you don’t want to skip out on the fashion trend altogether – and you don’t have to either. You just need some colorful skull accessories. It’s the easiest way to get a taste of the trend, without overbearing your current fashion. Layer a purple skull scarf overtop of your skinny jeans and tank, or trade in the sparkling clutch for one with skulls. Pair it with your cocktail dress and stilettos, and you’ll instantly be ready for wherever your wardrobe takes you.

Skull Jewelry With a Hint of Femininity

Jewelry is the key to any ensemble, and skull jewelry pieces can be all you need to channel your edgy fashion sense without taking away from your feminine side. Grab some rings, earrings and necklaces that have a pop of color to keep that chic appeal prominent well throughout your wardrobe. The small doses can bring all the statement you want from your outfit – and a little bit of rhinestones or sparkles could never hurt either! Combine the skull with feminine elements, and you’re set.

Balance the Bold Skull

Fashion is all about balance. If you aren’t going for a rocker-style, dressing head to toe in skull probably isn’t recommended. To keep some daintiness within your outfit, balance the bold appearance of skulls by implementing them in smaller doses. Pair your skull leggings with an oversized boyfriend sweater and some pumps, or a chic crop top and booties for a night out on the town. These little hints of skulls gives the perfect balance of beautiful, bold fashion.

Skull Hoodies and Tops With a Sweet Side

Many ladies worry that wearing skull clothing can just be too intense or rough for their sense of style. However, ever since this fashion trend has totally taken over the industry, designers have implemented a sweeter side to the skull look. Some call it “candy skulls”, but basically, it’s a prettier version of the skull, which is perfect for the ladies that want to keep their chic style on point. Add in some skull hoodies and clothing that have floral designs, hearts and all kinds of other feminine elements that essentially make up the shape. Tons of skull hoodies also come in pops of feminine colors to truly emphasize that feminine appeal. Steering clear of the classic black and white tones, and bringing in a spark of color can add a ton of glam to your skull clothing.

Skull fashion is no longer just for hardcore rockers. With all the variety that can be found on Rebel Street Clothing, you’ll instantly see that no matter your sense of style, you can indulge in this fashion trend flawlessly. Skulls are chic. Let our skull collection show you how!

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Published: May 7, 2018

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