Being Yourself With Gothic Fashion

Posted on November 21 2017

Being goth is an entire lifestyle from the music you hear all of the way down to the military boots you wear, where it's a time when everybody is wearing Abercrombie & Fitch, but finding the ideal way to dress can be difficult.

Ease into it. Do not go goth all at one time. Ease into the subculture and the design.
Determine what style you're aiming for. Some folks enjoy a romantic look with tailored velvet jackets, lace and period items, but some prefer punk, with bondage pants and a spiked collar, and still others go cyber/futuristic with goggles, yarn extensions, latex, and large industrial boots. There is not one single goth fashion, there are lots of branches.

Read goth movies and pictures for inspiration. Look around and try to find out what you would like to incorporate into your own wardrobe. Unless it's Halloween avoid copying somebody else.

Go to thrift shops for cheap, original clothes. Even mainstream clothing stores have fundamental pieces, such as pinstriped pants, black stripes, and more, that will become the staples of your wardrobe much less expensively than specialty shop purchases.

Make your clothes, or at least contemplate changing the clothes you already have with pieces of lace, ribbons, etc.. You can find a fantastic deal at a thrift shop, but the cheapest clothing to purchase are those already in your closet. Go mad; make it unique and artistic.

goth long sleeve lace top

Attempt tight clothing (both males and females). Guys, don't try wearing tight clothing unless you enjoy looking a little more feminine. Also make sure it looks and matches your body. Be warned, tight trousers can get you called "emo," but bear in mind that the stereotypical "emo" male wears women's skinny jeans. Deathrockers and gothics do not fall for that stuff, they buy black jeans and change them to fit closely or purchase quality stretch jeans from Clothing stores. Stick with fitted clothing, but if it doesn't work for you wear normal or loose clothing.

Wear band tops. Try tops by bands like Siouxsie and the Banshees, Christian Death and Bauhaus. (Only bands you ACTUALLY enjoy and love listening to, purchasing band shirts JUST since the band is "goth" makes you seem like a poser). Their tops are cut up to make it so one shoulder hangs off, or they cut the sleeves to permit it to sit lower and reveal the shoulders.

Consider boots. Many goths have tall, high, black boots, the most popular kind is men's platform boots. There are many kinds of boots, choose and look around! Or do not - goth is all about being first. Some goths wear dress shoes daily.

Men`s Punk Style Black Pullover With Hood Drawstring Turtleneck Hip Hop Gothic Sweatshirts Hoodies

The hair. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to dye or perhaps excessively style your hair to be goth. There are quite a few people who represent the epitome of goth fashion that is dark yet keep their hair colour. If you do chose to Dye your hair begin by figuring out what colors look good. Not all colors will look good! Try taking a look at examples of hair styles used by goth bands for inspiration. Clump some prefer to spike or create their hair. Bear in mind, goth is an offshoot of Punk, so many goths do design their hair into frizzy spikes or mohawks, or backcomb their hair into explosions or anything else they can consider. Regardless of what you chose and how to style it, bear in mind that it's all about expressing yourself, so be creative or what color you decide to have your hair!

Color coordinate. Black is not the only color that exists in the goth lifestyle. Dark reds, blue, purple, green, white and gray are often used as side colours to the overall colour black. Goth is what you make of it, not what others tell you it is, although Cyber or goth accepts neon colours.

Wear makeup suitably. Goth make-up is often striking; black heavy eyeliner, red lips, and dark colors with heavy application. Colors like purple, red, and black around and on the eyes. Eyeliner is a cliché, but it looks fabulous. Black lipstick is less popular than it was. There are no rules.

Complete your look with accessories. It may be an elegant choker, lace gloves, an SM necklace, goggles, bat earrings, ribbons, etc. You decide what you are comfortable with.

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