Why Goth?

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Gothic clothing draws from Punk, Victorian and Renaissance dressing styles and blends with modern clothing trends. Overall, it generates the look of a person attempting to break the conventional ideas of social spaces and form a disjointed perception. Usage of dark colors, particularly black is quite usual for Gothic sub-culture. Western men and women who follow this sub-culture, dye their hair black, use black nail polish, lipstick and dress in dark or black clothes to project a Gothic sub-cultural look and feel. Stores are rare, but online retailers are becoming a preferred place to find this style of clothes and accessories.

It is not limited to a unique class of people, but has become the fashion-statement among those who have very little to do with Gothicism. It has taken the influence from a number of other subcultures for example pirate, renaissance, medieval, Victorian, steampunk and Lolita. Making it a unique fashion statement, that is well-liked by themed events.

The Lolita look is actually a subset of gothic clothing, using Victorian influence of goth fashion in doll-like dresses and accessories. Beginning in Japan, it's popular with teenage girls as it strikes the ideal balance between cuteness and darkness.

Much like music, this fashion is also in line with the dark themes. A lot of the Gothic clothes are in dark colors, along with dark lipsticks and nail polishes. A number of people today who believe in this particular subculture also blacken their hair and keep a variety of dark accessories, which include dragons, skulls, and vampires. The popularity today of this trend can be seen with non-gothic people.

The Gothic Fashion was inspirational even for music artists and bands. As a result, in the 1970s' Gothic rock came out (or Goth rock), a sub-genre of post-punk and alternative rock. The key characteristics with this movement is definitely the mixture of dark, sometimes keyboard-heavy music with depressing and introspective lyrics.

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