Rebel Street Clothing

Established in 1977 by two passionate punk/metal head students.  They started designing and hand-making jewelry in their tiny flat, located in Manchester, England.  As their popularity grew, they soon became one of the leading alternative design companies, making merchandise for their heroes, Iron Maiden, Rolling Stones, Metallica, Motörhead, Pink Floyd and many more.

As the reputation for design and manufacturing grew, many companies approached them to design and produce custom products for them.  We now have a full design team, working on custom products.

They also have a partnership with world famous Sheffield Silver to produce silver plated tankards, flasks, and other table wear.

The Gothic esoteric and contemporary jewelry is world-renowned and is the undisputed leader in Gothic lifestyle accessories. Celebrities and musicians love Alchemy’s unique line and are owned by Adam Lambert, Five Finger Death Punch, Live Boeree, 69 Eyes, Abney Park, Skunk DF, and more. The pieces are always unique, sometimes dark, and definitely goth.

Metal Content

About The Metal Used

All Fine English Pewter jewelry and accessories, are hand made in England to an unrivaled quality by Alchemy’s own craftsmen. The metal we use is classed as “Fine English Pewter”. This means that the jewelry/giftware you buy from us does not contain Lead or Cadmium and is made from one of the highest grades of pewter you can get.  Unlike some pewter used to manufacture jewelry from other Countries, our pewter suppliers closely monitor the content and give us “Batch Essay” breakdowns of the exact metal content with each batch of metal we buy.

Earring Posts & French Hooks

All earrings that have a component that goes through your ear lobe, are made from a metal that is safe for you to use. These parts are made from either Surgical Steel for earrings with posts or Silver Plated for earrings with french hooks.

Crystals & Stones

Most of the crystals and stones we use to embellish our products are Austrian Swarovski crystals. If the stone or crystal is different to this, it will be noted in the product description for you.