Rebel Street Clothing Freelance Program

Welcome to our Freelance Program.

At Rebel Street Clothing and Merchandise, we are always looking for new and creative designs for our products or to sell on our websites. Below, you will find some general information designed to give you an overview of Rebel Street Clothing's’ industry leading creative program.

Let's say you have an amazing product or design that you know can make you money, but for many reasons, not everyone wants to own and/or operate their own website. It can be very time consuming, cost prohibitive or you do not have enough variety to justify it.

You can be in business online without any of the payment processing, marketing, website costs for hosting and maintaining. Just receive payment from us and send your product to the buyer.

No need to send us a sample product. Just a high quality photo, information ( measurements, etc.) and the lowest price you would accept. You must also be willing to abide by our terms and agreements allowing extended periods for refunds or exchanges.

Rebel Street Clothing and Merchandise's Freelance Program is designed to provide an opportunity for all artists to contribute their freelance artwork or completed product to be reviewed, selected and hopefully featured on Rebel Street Clothing's "exclusive" products.

We conduct our design reviews periodically throughout the year. All designs and submissions will be reviewed on an “as available” basis.

We will work closely with you to ensure that your submission has the best opportunity to become successful. Feel free to submit as many as you care to, but please remember, for us, quality beats quantity every day!

Completed Products:
All products will be provided as needed via drop-ship. We do not store your product or inventory. This is your responsibility. All sales are on an agreed percentage share basis. Once your item has sold, we will notify and pay you the agreed amount and you will immediately ship and confirm so we may notify the buyer. All buyer questions and payment processing will be handled by our personnel. You must be available to answer any questions regarding your item via prompt email reply.

Artwork Designs:
You understand that you are submitting artwork on the speculation the design will be selected and purchased. Should your design(s) be selected during our review process, you will receive an upfront payment (based on the type of design) at the transfer of the final digital file to us. You will also have the opportunity to earn an additional bonus should the design(s) reach certain sales targets.

It may be helpful for you to review our website ( to develop a better insight and understanding of Goth and Skulls Clothing and Merchandise and its creative presentations. Please note that these designs should be viewed only as a guide; we are not necessarily looking for “similar” designs, rather we are searching for designs and products that are fresh and unique.

We take creativity and originality very seriously at Goth and Skulls Clothing and Merchandise. All of your submissions must be a product of your own work. You must own all of the intellectual property rights for your submittal (in order to be able to transfer ownership). Purchased artwork is considered “work for hire” and as such, all rights associated with your submission will be transferred to Rebel Street Clothing upon completion of the transaction.

Artwork incorporating “free to use” graphics, artwork utilizing clipart (whether free or paid) or generally available internet images will not qualify for our program. If your submission is selected, please be prepared to send us your reference material for review. You will be held legally co-responsible for any infringement issues that may arise after the transfer of IP rights.

If your design is purchased we will request the production file. Please do not make any noticeable changes to the color or art unless you inform us first. After all, we are purchasing your design based on your presentation board. This is also the time to create front/pocket, long sleeve or any accent designs to complete the shirt design.


These guidelines will help you to prepare your purchased designs for color separation purposes:

ILLUSTRATOR CS4 or lower version

Place tiffs on a separate layer for Illustrator, but also send the psd tiff separately.
Group main elements and label the layer.
For example: text one group/layer, background one group/layer, texture on e group/layer. A flower starts out with each petal on its own path. Before you send the file merge those petals so the layer doesn't have all the individual paths.
Do not flatten/expand gradients. Keep as gradient.
Begin file with RGB colors.
Deselect “overprint” when creating colors.
Include the font file. Convert font to outlines.

When using vector art in Photoshop include original vector file.
Begin your document as RGB.
Separate each main element into a new layer.
Don't punch out shapes from the underlying layers - just layer them.
The process we use to color separate designs is indexing. This may help you limit your color palette to 11 colors max.

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