A Double Raven’s Skull Pendant

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Two complimenting raven’s skulls; a covert token of a netherworld affair.

Two complimenting raven’s skulls; when together they’re a discreet heart of bone – when apart, a covert token of a netherworld affair.

A double pendant necklace, to be worn as one with a double chain, or separated into two pendants.

One skull is in a bright polished pewter finish on a bright trace chain, while the other is black pewter on a black chain.

The separate chains are each 18″ (23cm) long.

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Approximate Dimensions:
Height 1.77″ x Width 0.87″ x Depth 0.35″
0.04 lbs
Fine English Pewter

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Dimensions0.87 × 1.77 in