Thunder Hammer Buckle

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The Norse god Thor’s mighty weapon of utter destruction, Mjolnir, and essential talisman for the Dark Age Viking and Anglo Saxon warrior. The Futhork runes inscribed upon the knot work dragons read “Thor’s Hallow. A Blessing on this Hammer, charged with the magic of the Thunder and Lightning.”; enhanced with black pewter cut gemstones. Essential metal-wear for the viking at heart.

Large, pewter buckle of Thor, the Viking war god’s all-destructive hammer, with black pewter cut gemstones. Belt loop and prong on the back for fitting onto standard, 1 1/2″ belt straps.

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Approximate Dimensions:
Width 4.45″ x Height 3.03″ x Depth 0.43″
One Size
Fine English Pewter with Antiqued Finish. Swarovski Crystal